In this project we installed a GRP Fiberglass Roofing system to a commercial premises in Cobham, Surrey.

Our Company was approached by the landlord of this small shop and office block opposite the train Station. The client informed us that the premises was very cold in the winter months and the heating bill was getting larger and larger, so they wanted us to construct them a warm roof covering with our 25yr product GRP Roofing System, we then had to conduct a further survey to establish that no old insulation was present in the ceiling roof void, as if present would have had to be removed to facilitate the new insulation being installed over the present waterproofing (Felt).

The office below the existing roof covering was full of expensive equipment, so we agreed that the new system could be overlaid, and this would help maintain the waterproofing of the new installation whilst work was in progress, as the work would take 7 days to complete. We had to then remove the roof chippings to expose the felt covering,and then had to fix the new insulation boards together with the T&G roof decking OSB plywood (please see Photos).

We also had to construct new timber upstands around the perimeter and it was agreed that we would enclose over the existing coping stones to give the roof Total protection at the edge details, as this is a grey area where most flat roofing fails, we also had to incorporate an expansion joint down the centre of the roof to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the new waterproofing.

The next step after this long roof preparation was to install the new Fibre Glass (GRP) roofing system over the whole area, we used Our Scott Bader Crystic Roof with the 600gm Fleece, giving our client the benefit of the Scott Bader 25yr Guarantee, as we are one of their premier Approved Installation Contractors in this area.

Our client was very happy with the final result, and paid us the full amount of the contract the very next day after our completion, as we did not insist on any money up front, and relied on our ability and professionalism to make our client happy to pay us after completion even without any rainfall.

Should you be viewing our web site and would like a free no obligation quote or you are interested in this GRP product please call CFRoofing Ltd, where we would be pleased to assist with any Flat Roofing Issues or similar Flat Roof problems you want solved on a long term basis.