In this project we removed a corroded lead roofing system and replaced it with a heavy-duty Scott Bader GRP (Glass Reinforced Fibre) 600 gm Premier roofing system.

Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 1 Weeks
  • Location: Cuddington Way, Banstead, Surrey

Project Scope

  • Installation of temporary scaffold with tin-roof
  • Stripped existing roofing structure back to the joists
  • Installed new roofing timbers, decking and vapour layer
  • Installed new high-performance GRP waterproofing.
  • Installed new roofing vents
  • Final site cleanse and disposal of building materials.


Our client approached us with a problem on the rear extension flat roof.

The extension had been built 10-years previously and it had been finished with an expensive lead waterproofing system. The client had initially opted for this solution as they wanted the roof to last for a long time, and they were led to believe by the builder they had chosen that this type of waterproofing would last longer than traditional roofing materials such as mineral-felt or GRP.

When the client initially called us, they were experiencing water penetration in lots of different areas of the roof. Upon a closer inspection it was apparent that the existing lead covering was breaking down. Unfortunately, the roof had not been installed properly and the builder who installed it was no longer in business.

We inspected the roof and diagnosed the issues and presented our findings to the client. Regrettably, there was no other option than to completely remove the old roofing system and install a new one. This was then substantiated by an independent Buildings Surveyor.

With our help, the client then considered all of their options and eventually they selected a heavy-duty GRP roof with extended warranty.

This was going to be a complex installation. We would have to totally remove the whole roofing structure back to the joists, so it was decided to begin the project by installing a temporary scaffold with additional tin-roof for the protection of the home.

Previously, insufficient insulation had caused the roof to sweat and was allowing the vapour from the extension to condensate inside the roof space and rot the lead from the underside. The whole roof was saturated and had badly deteriorated over the last 10-years.

We filled the whole roof void with new insulation and fitted new timber joists to support the new tongue-and-groove external-grade plywood roof deck. We then installed new roll bars as to imitate the old-style lead roof that we had taken off.

We then installed a Scott Bader GRP (Glass Fibre) 600gm Premier Fleece and Premier Topcoat and also installed new roof vents to prevent any condensation issues in the future.

At the end of the project, we gave our client an Insurance Backed Guarantee certificate so that they will have peace of mind that their claims will be met in the future. The insurance certificate guarantees that any warranty claims will be met, even in the unlikely event that the contractor should go out of business. We also provide our clients with a 25-year Manufacturer’s Materials Warranty; something that is only available to approved Scott Bader GRP installers.

At the end of the project our customers were extremely complementary about the overall appearance and quality of the job and also our service and workmanship they received and they kindly left us an excellent review.