In this project we employed our drone to provide a detailed survey of a roof for a homebuyer in Earlsfield, London SW18. This showed potentially expensive roofing problems that needed repairing and resulted in substantial cost savings to the future owners.

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Uncovering Roofing Problems via Drone Inspection

CFRoofing was contacted by a client residing in Earlsfield, London SW18, who was in the final stages of preparing an offer for a property purchase. The property had undergone extensive modernisation, which posed challenges for a comprehensive inspection of the entire premises.

Although the client had arranged for a Home Buyers survey and engaged a professional, qualified surveyor to evaluate the property’s overall condition, certain issues required closer scrutiny. Particularly, concerns were raised regarding the main chimney stack and the waterproofing of the flat roof loft extension and rear extension.

Due to the property’s location, access was severely restricted. In response, the client enlisted our services for a Drone inspection. Favorable flying conditions on the inspection day allowed us to pinpoint problems with the waterproofing of the flat roof, as well as the installation of the parapet walls and wall flashings. These were aspects that the conventional survey had not detected.

Furthermore, we were able to capture higher-quality images of other flagged areas that had raised concerns in the initial surveyor’s report. Equipped with over 40 years of roofing experience, we provided the client with a much clearer understanding of the highlighted issues prior to their property purchase decision.

The homeowners also mentioned that they would be recommending us to their friends, and that they would be happy for use to post this project on our website so that you can learn from the final result. They also kindly agreed to leave us an excellent review.

If this service is of interest to you, please feel free to contact us via email through our website. Depending on the building’s height and location, we are more than happy to offer a competitive quote for this customized service. Whether you are a potential home buyer seeking to assess a property or a homeowner aiming to evaluate your roof’s current condition, we are here to assist you. We have many approvals and we would love to help you achieve your ideal home. For more information follow this link: Drone Roof Inspections.