In this project we replaced an aging asphalt roof with a high-performance GRP Fibreglass roof in Tadworth, Surrey KT20

Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Location: Tadworth, Surrey KT20

Project Scope

  • Installation of temporary scaffold with tin-roof
  • Stripped existing roofing structure back to the joists
  • Installed new decking and insulation
  • Installed new high-performance GRP waterproofing.
  • Final site cleanse and disposal of building materials.


Our client had been considering replacing the existing asphalt roof for 12+ years but they had instead elected to patch and repair the roof instead (and we were happy to help).

However, eventually it came to a point where it was not cost effective to continue to repair the old roof. In addition, the hot summer of 2022, with 40+ degrees temperatures, made the original asphalt waterproofing give up the ghost and it split and large cracks appeared due to the extreme thermal expansion of the large timber roof.

The owner asked us to prepare a proposal and we suggested high-performance GRP Fibreglass which the owner accepted and in January 2023 we started work.

As you can see from the images the roof is very large (circa 200 sqm) and with the complex issue of opening up the roof and keeping the occupants and the contents dry from harsh January weather whilst we worked, we had no other choice than to erect a full scaffolding temporary roof (aka Tin Hat). The tin hat covered the whole roof area and kept the owners dry whilst the work progressed.

After erecting the scaffold, we began removing the old asphalt waterproofing system and installing new insulation, roof decking and GRP glass fibre system.

We had to incorporate several expansion joints and lower the original roof outlets and internal drainage to allow the roof to expand and drain to an acceptable tolerance (we also made time to feed Peter the Peacock during our tea breaks).

Our client was extremely happy with our work and services, and was happy to recommend us to their friends, and for use to post this project on our website so that you can see the final result. They also kindly agreed to leave us an excellent review.

The client also mentioned that they would like us to re-roof their swimming pool in the not-too-distant future.