In this project we installed two new glass roof lanterns in Woking, Surrey GU21.

Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 7 days
  • Location: Woking, Surrey GU21

Project Scope

  • Assistance with technical design of lantern system
  • Removal and replacement of old flat roof structure
  • Installation of GRP roofing
  • Installation of Mono Ridge system
  • Installation of roof lanterns
  • Final site cleanse and disposal of building materials.


In 2021, we were approached by a customer who wanted a quote for installing 2 new roof lanterns. The original design included flat glass that had been poorly installed, resulting in water leakage during heavy rain and storms.

Unsatisfied with the initial design, the client sought CFRoofing’s assistance in obtaining a quote for replacing the lantern units. Their goal was to introduce more natural light into the lounge and side kitchen extensions. However, they soon realised that this modification would be costly. After Christmas 2022, they contacted us again to schedule the job, as they needed to provide the roof dome company with a three-month notice to manufacture the custom units that fit the existing openings.

Due to the complexity of the design and various limitations, we had to erect scaffolding (temporary roof) to cover both extensions. This was necessary because removing the old roof and installing the new units while keeping them relatively dry proved to be impossible. Surprisingly, during this process, we discovered that the previous contractor had placed a wooden frame over the old roof, which was hidden beneath the original roof we had planned to strip off. This unexpected encounter presented a significant challenge as we had to completely reconstruct both flat roofs in order to restore proper drainage levels. Fortunately, our client understood the unforeseen circumstances and the additional work and material costs that arose from this situation. They had sufficient funds to accommodate these unexpected expenses.

The enclosed photo (see below) illustrates water trapped between the original flat roof and the roof we had to remove, which explains the customer’s complaints of a damp, mouldy smell. To address this issue, we installed a new GRP (glass fibre) waterproofing system and fitted a new Mono Ridge to replace the old half-round ridges. This solution prevents water from bypassing the waterproofing on the internal kerb up stands, eliminating the risk of leakage.

Our client expressed great satisfaction with the new lanterns and the overall finish, as they significantly enhanced the property’s appearance. They have kindly offered to recommend CFRoofing LTD based on their positive experience.

The homeowners also mentioned that they would be recommending us to their friends, and that they would be happy for use to post this project on our website so that you can see the final result. They also kindly agreed to leave us an excellent review.

Should you require a new glass roofing system then please consider our services. We have many approvals and we would love to help you achieve your ideal home. For more information follow this link: Roof Lights.

Before Photos

For those who are interested …

Here is an image showing the water trapped in the original double layer roof.

Here are two images showing the old roof lanterns.