In this project we installed a 3-ply felt high performance flat roofing system to a domestic home in Sutton.

Our client had employed someone to remove the moss off this 40-year old flat roof, but unbeknown to the client, the roof had split, and water was soaking up on the chipboard below, when the workmen went up onto the roof, they put their foot through the soft chipboard, and this was no fault of there own. Just an accident waiting to happen.

This is a typical Story of the customer not being aware that the roof is leaking, until the old roof collapses under the weight of the water softening it with no warning, Rain/Snow will collapse the waterproofing and roof decking, and a large hole will appear, and lead to a Major roof leak into your property below.

Should you notice large ponds of water laying in puddles and the roof has sagged, this is a sure sign you have a roof leak, and the Chipboard is ready to collapse. If this is the case don’t leave to chance, as a job this size can be done in 1 Day if dry conditions prevail.

Call us to obtain a free inspection and quotation, if you are not sure about your old flat roof, as we have a few different Guaranteed options, and can offer you our cover up service.

Here you can see the total replacement of a leaking Chipboard Flat Roof. In the photo’s you can see when the old felt covering has been removed, the chipwood is completely soaked and ready to collapse. We removed the wet boards, and replaced with new external Smart Ply (Stirling Boards) and installed new insulation quilt to up grade the existing.

Then we applied a 3 layer High Performance waterproofing, together with a new Ubiflex wall flashing into the house brickwork, and pointed with Lead Mastic sealant. We now use Ubiflex due to the High Risk of metal theft that is sweeping the country, this material does the same as lead, but has no scrap value to any thieves that are causing lots of damage around the country in the stealing of lead metal flashings for cash.