In this project we installed a new flat and tiled roof to a domestic property in Worcester Park.

Our company was invited to carry out roofing works at this site in Worcester Park by 1 of our Building Contractors Beeches Developments Ltd.

The site was very tight, as they had to build the new side extension very close to the boundary line of the property next door.

This meant that the builder could not fit external guttering to the New Build so had to form an external Gully and we provided the waterproofing into the gully, we also had to water proof the garage area at the front and on the table top roof of the new extension.

The photo’s show this job during construction.

Our company was also approached by the neigbour next to this site, as his garage roof was discharging the water off the roof, into the narrow space now created by the new building of the extension close to the boundary line, both neighbors and the Builder was very concerned to the damp problem that could manifest itself, being that no guttering could be fitted and water would discharge down the walls of this narrow party wall passage.

C.F. Roofing came up with the proposal of constructing a new roof above the old garage roof and discharge back to the front of the building next door, and in 1 photo you can see this under construction, as we had to raise the old roof level above the front ridge tiles by about 2ft.

This was a challenging project, as we have now managed to waterproof both sides, and managed to get over the problem of the damp occurring between the party walls.

Both clients were very happy that this solution was possible, so to avoid future damp issues that could have occurred.

30yrs Experience in waterproofing paid off again!! More Happy Customers That’s what we like.