In this project we completely replaced a rear balcony at a property in Kingston Vale.

Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 14 days
  • Location: Kingston Vale, London SW15

Project Scope

  • Removed the existing balcony
  • Add new pillars and joists
  • Installed tongue and groove roof decking
  • Installed Scott Bader 600g GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) waterproof covering
  • Installed paving slabs
  • Installed glass balustrade and hand rails


The existing balcony was leaking badly and our client wanted us to install a new roof deck together with new GRP waterproofing, new paving slabs, glass balustrade and hand rails. We hoped that it would be possible to reclaim the original timber but on inspection it was found to be full of rot and decay. Therefore, we had to strip down to the bare frame work and start again. Our client was surprised at how bad the decay was and was extremely happy with the final result.

Interesting Images

Here is an image showing the extent of the decay on the original balcony.