In this project we installed a flat roofing to a domestic property in Tadworth, Surrey

This was a most unusual job. The house was constructed in the 1930’s with a flat roof adjoining two properties.

The owner, Mr. Cabey, had first employed C.F. Roofing about 15 years before for his previous property in North Cheam. We had installed new roof tiles and a flat roof on his new garage and kitchen extension. Remembering the excellent service we provided, Mr Cabey had kept our details (and our telephone number has remained unchanged for 16 years).

This new project proved to be very challenging, as there was no roof insulation in the roof space. This had caused very bad condensation on the roof decking and over a long period of time, rot and woodworm had affected some of the roof timbers. These areas had to be removed and replaced with new material, and we had to spray-treat the existing timbers to prevent further deterioration.

Mr Cabey was very impressed with the way we coped with this difficult installation. All the rotten timbers were replaced, a new 20mm plywood roof deck fitted, together with a High Performance roof covering.

Our client was so pleased with the new roof and the 10 year guarantee, that he paid in full on the day we completed the installation, without waiting for the first day of rain!