Domestic Flat Roofing Project in Sutton, Surrey

In this project we installed a new flat felt roof over a dormer extension in Sutton, Surrey.

Our company was recommended to Mr Burke who is the landlord of this property in Sutton, he had several damp patches appearing inside and he had previously asked builders to look at the external cladding, as they thought the damp was coming from the sides, as they did not suspect the roof covering, but no one went up on the roof to look at its condition.

Mr Burke asked our company to carry out a roof inspection as we were able to access roof area with 2 long ladders, and it was apparent that the covering was past is sell by date, and Mr Burke was able to see for himself that the roof covering was in need of urgent repair, so we gave Mr Burke our cost to erect scaffolding to carry out the work in a safe and proper manner, and in the photo you can see our workmen putting the roof tiles back after installing a complete new roof covering and roof decking.

The new roof installation consisted of the removal and disposal of the old roof covering, and to install a new timber roof decking to the existing roof joist’s, together with installing our High Performance Blue/Grey 3 layer felt roofing system, and to reinstate the existing roof tiles that had to be taken off to allow us to dress the new material under these junctions to seal the roof in total.

We also had to re-point the existing chimney stack as Mr Burke did not want to pay out for another scaffold in the future, so we gave the whole roof an overhaul and re-pointed existing ridge tiles and make good any obvious defects. He was extremely pleased that we completed the job with little fuss, and in a very professional manner.
Mr Burke was very satisfied with the service he received, and arranged to transfer the funds into our bank account the next day after our completion, and we issued our written 10 year workmanship and material Guarantee for this work, as we rarely ask for any deposit before work is carried out.