Domestic Tiled Roofing Project in Cheam, Surrey

In this project we installed a new tiled roof to this domestic home in Cheam, Surrey.

Mr. and Mrs. Warner of Bramley Road, Cheam approached us in early June 2009 to initially give them a quote to replace the flat roof to the right side extension. Our company is very local to them and they had used our services a few years previous. They were very confident that they had chosen the right contractor.

When carrying out the stripping and renewal of the side roof, Mr. Warner asked us if we could give the tiled roof an overhaul. They were having large lumps of concrete fall off the main roof and it was landing on their patio and pathways. The problem areas appeared to be with the original ridges.

On closer inspection it was apparent that the whole roof was in a very poor state. We took lots of close up pictures for them to see, as they were not able to climb the scaffold. The pictures revealed the extent of the damage and wear of the original 1936 built roof.

We were able to show them the rotted fascia boards and defective guttering causing the damp problems on the house. They then asked us to give them a comprehensive price, to renew the whole of the tiled roof, together with new UPVC Fascia and Guttering.

As you can imagine this was now turning out to be a much bigger job than was first anticipated. We priced the work required and Mr. & Mrs. Warner had no hesitation in placing a works order.

We completed the contract within one month of starting, and the Warners were over the moon with the speed and efficiency with which we completed the works. They would have no problem in giving a glowing reference for our services rendered.